Orith Youdovich

MOSTRA. Ensemble in Five Voices. Artspace Tel Aviv. Orith Youdovich, Jennifer Bloch, Yaeli Gabriely, Lili Sheer, Simcha Shirman. Giovedì 8 ottobre 2015

Ensemble in Five Voices > Curator: Simcha Shirman
Orith Youdovich / Jennifer Bloch / Yaeli Gabriely / Lili Sheer / Simcha Shirman

The title for this exhibit was inspired by Franz Schubert's String Quintet in C major (D. 956, Op. posth. 163). When I was listening to this timeless work, I was especially moved by the seamless collaboration between the different players. There are two violins, two cellos, and one viola players in this Quintet, using their separate instruments to create a mutual harmony. Each player has to be actively listening to the other, tuning into the peaks and valleys of the music, as well as swift glances and subtle body language.

The unity of the chamber choir is one that can uphold the the individual within it, and celebrate its contribution to the whole. When I was invited to curate this show and present work alongside four other artists, I immediately thought of the musical collaboration in the performance of Schubert's work.

I chose the four participating artists, Orith Youdovich , Jennifer Bloch, Yaeli Gabriely, and Lili Sheer, out of a deep love and appreciation for their work. I hope that bringing their separate techniques and approaches into the same space will create a symphonic experience for the viewer, forging new connections between drawing, painting, photography, and music.

The curation of the show involved a continuous dialogue and collaboration. While I chose works from Orith, Jennifer, Yaeli, and Gabrielliís oeuvre, I asked each of them to choose which of my works would be included in the show. The result is five voices, preserving their own identity while echoing each other in the space, providing a portrait of their memories and a view towards the future.

Simcha Shirman, October 2015
Artspace TLV, Shvil HaíMeretz 6, Tel-Aviv.